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SeminarsAftab holds regular seminars on helping dog owners better understand dogs and their behaviour. These seminars are normally held in Waltham St Lawrence.

Seminars cover various aspects of dog ownership including:

  • Major causes of behavioural problems
  • The dog’s mindset
  • The dog’s language
  • Tips on training and avoiding mistakes
  • The essential needs of a dog
  • Guidance on resolving common behavioural problems including:
    Phobias, aggression, jumping up, poor recall, boisterousness and many other issues experienced by owners.
  • Common medical conditions that can affect dog behaviour
  • The impact of the dog’s Endocrine and Limbic system on behaviour
  • Principles of behaviour modification

In the alternative, dog clubs, breeders or any private group is able to request seminars on issues of particular concern for their members or clients.

Seminars for private groups are normally held at a venue convenient to them.

Dog Training Seminar

6 Golden Training Tips

Obedience training is like school for children. NINE basic commands should include heel, sit, lie down, off, bed, stay, away, come, and leave it. I am not a big fan of “No” – the command is too broad and negative as opposed to a positive and specific command such as “leave it”. AND REMEMBER, different types of dog breeds learn at different rates. It’s not a race! Be patient.

  • Don’t repeat commands again and again. Teach him to sit on the command “sit”, not “sit, sit, sit”
  • Training should be undertaken when the dog is alert
  • Understand the exercise and the command you are trying to teach
  • When your dog begins to lose interest during training, praise and stop
  • Training sessions should be short and frequent
  • Practice makes perfect

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