Eliminate Troublesome
Dog Behaviours


Project Description


Dog Training in the parkAftab helps dog owners understand the types of troublesome behaviours dogs commonly display and the reasons behind particular behaviours.

As an example, dog aggression is a common behaviour with which many dog owners struggle. Dog aggression includes, territorial aggression, predatory aggression, pack aggression and many more. Owners are helped to understand the reasons behind dog aggression. Is the aggression linked to fear, frustration, anxiety, pain or some other medical condition such as hormonal imbalances?

In addition, principles of behaviour modification, including counterconditioning, desensitisation, response substitution, Premack principle, operant conditioning, habituation etc. are explained to owners so that they can themselves be in a position to help their dog become a happy balanced member of the family.

Aftab also shows owners alternative positive methods they can use to help their dogs understand commands with which they are struggling. These alternative methods can help dogs that, for example, are still pulling on the lead or still jumping up.

A very important part of the training for some clients is understanding dog body language. This helps owners understand whether their dog is feeling stressed or happy, whether their dog is playing hard or about to get into a fight with another dog and further, how to calm an anxious dog.

Other training areas covered include:
– Behaviours to be expected during puppy and adolescent phases
– Inherited behaviours
– Training tips
– Why you should only use positive reinforcement methods and never use punishments to train your dog
– The three essential needs of your dog

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