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1. Play-biting among puppies and in relation to humans:
is an unnatural behaviour that is unacceptablehelps to establish bite inhibition – a sense of how hard they can bite without causing injury (a natural behaviour)always stops of its own accord as the dog maturesshould be encouraged to develop a strong character

2. The main cause of separation anxiety is:
when a puppy/dog is spoilt or has not been conditioned to an appropriate routineBreed predispositionlack of obedience trainingthe house in which the dog resides may be too big

3. What are the three main causes of destructive behaviour?
Attention seeking, fun and exerciseBreed predisposition, over excitement and exerciseNormal puppy behaviour, boredom and separation anxietyResentment, onset of gum disease and monotony

4. Rescue dogs normally have a settling in period of:
about a yearabout a weekabout a monthabout 3 months

5. The largest part of a behaviour consultation with Aftab focuses on:
temperament testingthe solutionspractical demonstrationsinformation gathering

6. It is recommended that you do not allow a puppy to lick the faces of people because:
it is a serious risk to human healthit is established that this can lead to obsessive compulsive behavioursit may cause separation related problemsit may encourage jumping up as the dog matures

7. When a dog solicits attention from you through pawing, jumping up and such like, you should NOT:
ignore the dog – avoiding eye contact, touch and voice acknowledgementstand up to prevent the dog jumping on to your lappush the dog off – it may find the touch rewardingmove to another area of the house

8. Praise and rewards or negative voice/corrections should occur:
within 10 seconds of the dogs actionwithin a minute or sowithin 2 seconds of the dogs actionwithin 20 seconds of the dogs action

9. With regard to the use of dog training discs:
all puppies should be conditioned to the sound within the first week in the homethey should only be used with puppies when other methods have been tried and exhaustednever be used on a dog under 1 year of agethey are generally ineffective

10. If a dog barks excessively when alone in a room, you should:
wait ten minutes before entering the roomwait for a gap in the barking before entering the roomthrow the dog some food opening the door quicklywait outside the room, reassure the dog with a soft voice

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