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Working with all dog breeds ranging from small Chihuahuas to large Leonbergers, Aftab has dealt with virtually all unwanted behaviours exhibited by our canine friends and has particular expertise in working with rescue dogs. Aftab is available for consultations across much of England and Europe and has worked with clients and their dogs based in London, Reading, Oxford, Aylesbury, Manchester, Frankfurt, Kassel, Chamonix, Bilbao, Madrid and the South of France (Lyon and Olonzac).

In addition to dealing with troublesome dog behaviours, Aftab also specialises in delivering regular dog behaviour seminars and in helping owners from the get-go, to train their puppies and ensure they mature into well behaved and balanced companions.

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Behavioural Problems

Aftab has over 20 years experience of modifying dog behaviours and originally trained with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training. Aftab holds regular seminars on varying aspects of dog behaviour. The next seminar will be in mid 2021.


Dog Boarding

We take the care of your dog seriously. For dogs that that may need special care because of previous behavioural issues, they can stay under the watchful eye of Aftab. Your dog will live and sleep in our home and (if possible) with our Ridgeback, Ragnar Lothbrook, and learn new socialisation and other skills and for the duration of his/her stay.

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